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Child Health

Daily tips for maintaining your child's health

We all need to make sure we are keeping up healthy diet and exercise habits and maintaining positive lifestyle choices, but if you're a kid, it's probably not front and center in your mind. It's a parents' responsibility to make sure a child's health is as good as it can be – remember, your kids will thank you later for setting them on track to a healthy life!

Try these daily tips to help keep your young ones in top physical and mental condition:

  1. Feed them fruits and vegetables. This is the food group most commonly lacking in children's diets. If you can't get them to eat their veggies at dinner, try sneaking them into meals. Blend carrots and mix it into your meat loaf; they won't notice a difference in taste, but they'll be benefitting from all the vitamins and minerals!
  2. Make sure they exercise. Sometimes taking your kids to soccer practice just isn't enough. Childhood obesity is a major problem in our country, so get out and play with your kids. This will be great for your health too! Play tag, hide and seek and other outdoor games and sports together. If you have a dog, make it a daily habit to take Fido out for a walk.
  3. Keep up with schoolwork. Making sure your child is caught up at school gives him or her a better chance at understanding material and not falling behind classmates. Sit down and talk about what your child is working on at school and work on problem areas together. This will help keep your relationship strong and your child will be able to maintain a high level of education.
  4. Talk to your children. A child's mental health is just as important as his or her physical health. Maintain an open relationship where your child feels he or she can tell you anything. This will create a less stressful home environment and your child will not have to deal with problems alone.
  5. Set an example. Kids don't do as you say, they do as you do. This is why it is particularly important to lead by example and maintain a healthy lifestyle yourself.

It is also important to set out a health insurance plan for your child. Consult your current insurance company for their rates or look into state programs. Many state programs will pay for doctor visits, prescriptions and hospital fees, among other costs.

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