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Penile Curvature

Penile Curvature vs. Peyronie's Disease

Penile curvature during erection is a naturally occurring condition for some men. Most men who have this condition cannot remember a time when their penis wasn't curved. It is congenital. The curvature can be in any direction. It can prevent a man from having satisfying sexual relationships. It may cause pain during erection or during intercourse.

Although the term is often confused with penile curvature, Peyronie's disease is a curved penis as a result of plaque that forms as scar tissue, creating a hard lump within the penis. It is an acquired condition. It can vary from mild to severe. It may develop slowly, or be noticed suddenly. It can be very painful, but over time the pain may subside. The bend in the penis, however, remains, and can cause problems in the man's sexual experiences. Some believe Peyronie's disease to be the result of a trauma resulting in bleeding in the penis. However, this doesn't explain the cases that develop slowly.

Penile Curvature Treatments

Although they may differ in their causes, conditions involving a curved penis are quite treatable. It is usually suggested that men try penile curvature treatment for at least a year before surgery is done. Education about the problem, and treatment alone, can help and sometimes cure the problem. Some oral medications such as vitamin E have had some success, although there have been no studies to back them up. Injected steroids have resulted in unwanted side effects. Radiation therapy has been found to reduce the pain, but has not had any effect on the actual curvature, and side effects include erectile dysfunction.

Surgery to Correct Penile Curvature

Most penile curvature surgery produces positive results. One surgery involves implanting a device to increase the rigidity of the penis. This will often straighten the penis as well. Another procedure involves removing the scar tissue and replacing it with skin, vein or material from animal organs. This can straighten the penis, but some men find it results in numbness and some loss of erectile function. The most common procedure involves stitching the penis opposite the scarring. This causes straightening, and avoids numbness, but will not add any length that was lost due to the curvature. The stitches are permanent, however, and there is no concern of them breaking during erection. The wound heals after about ten days and regular sexual intercourse can resume in six weeks. 

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