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Sexual Health

A guide to good sexual health

Let's face it: if your sex life isn't up to snuff, other parts of your life suffer too. The issue can go beyond whether or not you're having sex as often as you'd like. Sometimes, the problem can be in how you're doing it, or it could be an internal problem. Good sexual health is as important as staying healthy in every other aspect of life.

Take a look at our information on mens health issues in the bedroom:

  • Aging Male Syndrome occurs in the period between 35 and 65 years of age, as a man's testosterone begins to decline. It can cause a lower sex drive, irritability and erectile dysfunction. See your doctor for treatment options.
  • Prostate cancer is not a joke, even though keeping a sense of humor can help combat embarrassment – men should get checked annually.
  • Premature ejaculation is another issue men face. Many doctors simply recommend practice – it will help with control. Pay your doctor a visit to find out what other options there may be for you if this problem persists.
  • Good hygiene promotes good sexual health, so take care to wash your genitals thoroughly.

Womens health issues in the boudoir:

  • Women on birth control pills may experience lower libido (another term for sex drive). If low libido becomes a problem for you, consult your doctor about alternatives.
  • Every woman should pay an annual visit to a gynecologist for a check-up. This is when you will get checked for STDs and other infections.
  • Be careful when washing your genitals – you don't want to be so rough as to irritate the skin, but it's important to have good hygiene and cleanse properly for good sexual health.

Man or woman, information on sexually transmitted diseases is a must. Anyone can contract one, so if you're with a new partner or you have had unprotected sex, it's important to get tested. Use protection to keep yourself and your future partners safe.

Annual visits to the doctor for general check-ups are also vital for sexual health; make an appointment sooner than that if something is bothering you.

Although there are a lot of scams in this department, there are some natural sexual health products available for people who feel they need a little boost in the bedroom. These products claim to increase libido and improve sexual health. As with any new health product, it is crucial that you consult a doctor before use.

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