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Athletic Apparel

Great Workout Wear for Men and Women

What do Lance Armstrong and the casual trail-runner have in common? In order to perform at their best, they both need athletic apparel best suited to their needs. With the advent of new technologies, companies and a niche market that not only wants to get fit but look good while doing it, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the choices in workout clothing. Fortunately, there are a few ways to choose the best athletic apparel for your workouts.


First and foremost, the best clothes for your workout will be the most comfortable. You need a fabric and design that will allow you the most movement. The best types of pants or shorts for both men's and women's athletic apparel are drawstring shorts and pants which adjust to the waist and provide comfort and elasticity. These can be found in most department stores if you are looking for discount athletic apparel, but can also be found in sporting goods stores. Make sure your pants and shorts aren't too long, as you don't want them to be dragging on the ground or hindering your movement.

To Wick or Not to Wick?

Most athletic apparel these days is made with wicking material that draws sweat away from the skin and helps it evaporate, therefore drying you off and keeping you lighter. This is incredibly helpful for athletes in any type of weather. Anything directly touching your body should be wicking, especially socks and shirts. For women specifically, you want to make sure you have a supportive / compression sports bra that has wicking material like those made by Champion or Nike. For men, underwear made by Ex Officio has wicking properties and is great for workouts.

Plus-Size Athletic Apparel

You don't need to have an athletic build to enjoy working out. Many companies such as Junonia and Just My Size offer comfortable and fashionable options for those looking for plus-size workout clothing. The key for buying plus-size clothing is comfort and appearance. If it feels good and looks good, then you'll feel good and look good as well, allowing you to get the most out of your activity.

Making the Purchase

The problem with wicking and most sport-specific workout clothing is that is can get pretty expensive, especially when you are buying from sporting outlets. If you are searching for discount athletic apparel, you can hold off on the name-brand stuff and just shop at your local department store in the athletic section. These stores usually have men's and women's sections with a nice variety of comfortable gear at a reasonable price.

Remember that the best apparel for you is not always the most expensive. A person who walks a mile or so will not need the same clothing as a 5 K runner. Evaluate your performance needs with your budget and purchase accordingly. Determine what qualities are the most important to you, purchase wisely and take yourself to the next level. Sound like a chore? Well, it's not called a workout for nothing.

By Christopher Durn

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