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America's Top Three Health Spas

Is it time for you to get away and rejuvenate yourself? Try one of America's top three health and beauty spas to get you back in the game and feeling more like yourself.

The Top 3 Health Spas in the United Staes

Red Mountain Spa: With 82 rooms and 24 villa suites, Red Mountain Spa in St. George, Utah, is the perfect place to relax. Chefs cook up healthy meals every day, which you can enjoy between trips to the salon and fitness centers. The spa offers a great selection of massage, body treatments and skin, nail and hair care treatment. For those who need a little bit of adventure to be able to relax, there are also many opportunities for hiking, biking, kayaking and golf in the area.

Hippocrates Health Institute: This West Palm Beach, Florida, health spa was named the world's number-one teaching institute in the year 2000 by Spa Management Group. The Hippocrates Health Institute operates on the philosophy that an enzyme-rich diet, positive thinking and noninvasive therapies are key ingredients to optimum health. Be sure to bring your notepad, because it's not all pampering – you will attend lectures on how to carry good health practices through to your everyday life. A full program runs for three weeks, but you can stay for as little as one week (although once you're there, you won't want your visit to be so short!).

Regency House Natural Health Spa: If you're looking to lose weight and get healthy in a tropical setting, this spa is for you! It's located on the sandy beaches of southern Florida and is a top choice if you're looking to be pampered. Check out their anti-cellulite treatments, reflexology, massages, facials and sea salt body-glow treatments, among others. They also offer programs for living healthy to help you lose weight, de-stress and even stop smoking.

Your Health Spa Stay

When booking time at a health spa, keep the following in mind:

  • Many spas and health resorts focus on detoxing your body from everything it encounters in daily life. This can mean cutting some of your favorite foods from your diet!
  • Some spas focus their attention on a small group of guests by offering few places (often 20 to 50 rooms), so they get booked months in advance. Make your reservation as early as possible by calling or sending an online form through the spa's website.
  • If you want a little more pampering, check out health and beauty spas. Spas with "beauty" in their titles are usually a little more laidback.
  • The best way to find a spa is by doing an online search for your area or the area you want to visit. offers a comprehensive list of North American spas, from vacation spas to medical spas, beauty spas, health spas and relaxation spas, and even day spas for quick getaways.
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