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Massage Therapy

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy improves the circulation in the body by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to all of the body tissues. It helps to clear the body of toxins. Drinking several glasses of water throughout the day following a massage can assist in this toxin cleansing. There are several types of massage therapy. A massage can be very gentle, such as Swedish massage therapy or it can be very aggressive as in the case of deep tissue massage. You can also get an aromatherapy massage, a hot stone massage, or a Shiatsu or Thai massage. There are also special massages available for pregnancy.

Most often people think of massage as a solution for back pain and muscle aches, or as a way to relax the body. People go to massage therapy for a variety of reasons. It can help to relieve stress and headaches, as well as circulatory and respiratory problems. It is also a good step in rehabilitation from a muscle or joint injury, and after surgery. Massage therapists may use their fingertips for a more gentle massage, and use their forearms or electronic massagers for a deeper massage.

Massage Therapists

A massage therapist is a highly trained individual in the practice of massage therapy. Many states require a license for the practice of massage therapy. Along with having an extensive understanding the physiology of the body, a good massage therapist should have several hours of practical experience. Massage therapists do intake interviews with their clients before starting a massage. They get to know any physical or stress areas of the body, and any other medical history that can help make the session successful. Massage therapists usually use an oil or lotion to assist in the massage. It usually begins gently then can become more firm based on the particular needs of the client.

Massage Therapy Equipment

Massage therapists supply their own massage therapy equipment. This usually includes a massage therapy table, along with sheets, towels and lotions. If the massage therapists are visiting clients in their homes, they usually travel with a folding therapy table. A massage therapy table is a table that is padded for comfort and has a head rest with a space for the client's face to fit comfortably for breathing. A massage therapist may also have candles, so it is possible to dim the lights to enhance relaxation, as well as CDs of relaxing music.

If a massage therapist is carrying equipment from place to place, a massage therapy chair might be a practical solution. These are popular for massages in corporate settings, and allow for a massage to be performed without the client having to disrobe at all.

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