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An Exercise in Flexibility

Finding variety in your exercise workout is one of the key elements in making Pilates part of your daily routine. Pilates provides such a range of activities that you can easily incorporate it daily, and achieve optimal results.

To maximize the benefits of Pilates, you will want to target ways to work different muscle groups with shifts in intensity. Each workout should result in a balance of flexing and extending muscles. You will also want to work toward having this balance over the course of time. Such efforts will give you versatility resulting in a workout that will be effective and interesting, avoiding the boredom that some exercise programs eventually bring.

Find What Works for You

Make the most of variety. Work at focusing on yourself and your energy levels in a particular day. With your own personal responsibilities in mind, find a rhythm in your workouts such as alternating a physically challenging workout day with a lighter workout day, and doing exercises that are easier and more flowing.

Find the best time of day to apply your improving energy levels to a Pilates workout. Whether this is first thing in the morning, late in the evening, at midday or right after work, finding the optimal time and making it part of your schedule is the best way to enjoy Pilates.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates can work for you no matter what your physical condition. It will enable you to develop strong core muscles. With Pilates, you can create flat abdominals, slender thighs and a strong back. It's a refreshing mind-body workout that is both challenging and safe, and it builds strength without bulking you up. It also increases flexibility and agility.

Pilates Regimen and Technique

A good Pilates regimen includes refined techniques in both movement and breathing. If you take Pilates classes at a gym or studio, be sure to investigate the variety of available classes and take note of the differences in teaching style among the instructors.

If you are doing Pilates at home, you may need to take classes initially to learn proper techniques. This can be achieved by working with a qualified instructor. You can explore the variety of Pilates DVDs and videos online, through fitness businesses or even at your public library. You will acquire the knowledge to design a Pilates workout with a variety of exercises, including safe moves to achieve the strength and muscle balance you need. Adding your own creativity will hold your interest in your workout.

Pilates Equipment

In addition to Pilates exercises on mats, you will want to look into use of a reformer. A reformer is a popular piece of Pilates equipment. With its own system of springs and ropes, a reformer will add resistance and assistance to your Pilates exercises. This equipment further extends the variety of exercises you can do and allows you to adjust the level of difficulty for exercises, depending on your own goals. 

By E.M. Robinson

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