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Student Health Insurance

The best health insurance for college students

It's hard to let kids go – or to be out on your own – because you never know what will happen. The safety and security of home is far away, and you want to make sure that your student is covered no matter what happens. That's why it's important to look into affordable student health insurance.

First, ask yourself what the student will need:

  • Will the student be traveling overseas or spending a semester in another state? If so, look for international or country-wide plans.
  • Does your student have any special needs already, like an asthma inhaler or diabetes supplies?
  • Is your student an athlete? There are often plans designed for varsity or intramural sports players, since some plans don't offer coverage for injuries from these events.
  • Will the student be comfortable changing doctors, or does he or she want to remain with your current family doctor?

These questions will help determine the type of coverage you need. Next, check out some insurance companies that cater directly to students, such as or Both offer a variety of plans, so use the following checklist to get all the information you need from each:

  • What is the deductible?
  • What is the maximum amount of coverage?
  • Can I use any physician? (Some plans will restrict who you can see and in what area.)
  • What if I am overseas or traveling? Will I still be covered?
  • What does the plan NOT cover?
  • Will the plan cover any sports injuries?
  • For what level of education is this plan designed? (Some plans cover undergrads but not graduate students or beyond.)
  • Does the plan cover healthy-patient visits in addition to pressing medical needs?

You can also get free health insurance quotes online.

Prices will vary depending on how far your school is from your home state, what medical issues you may already have and the medical system in the state you are relocating to.

Keep in mind that many schools say they have on-campus clinics and access to health care, but this often provides only the basic necessities. For more pressing problems, or if a student is not comfortable visiting the on-campus medical doctor, it's important to have student health insurance.

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