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Choosing a vegan lifestyle

A vegan does not consume animal products. Reasons for veganism vary; many embrace the vegan diet because it has more health benefits than a diet rich in animal products. For instance, cholesterol is present only in animal products. Animal products also tend to accumulate in the intestine, harboring bacteria and causing flatulence and constipation, as well as preventing proper absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Another reason people embrace veganism is in support of animal rights; many feel that raising animals for the purpose of killing and eating them or utilizing their products is cruel and exploitative.

Vegan Diet Tips

Those on a vegan diet have to be more conscientious to be certain they are consuming sufficient levels of iron and protein. However, a diet lacking animal products is generally higher in fruits and vegetables, and therefore richer in vitamins A and C, as well as fiber. Vegan food tends to be much lower in calories, too, which further promotes good health.

Vegans who have converted from meat-eating lifestyles frequently embrace simulated animal product foods to supplant the food items they miss. Boca Burgers and similar products act as healthful replacements to hamburgers, for instance, or soy milk in lieu of milk from cows or goats. Health food stores stock a wide variety of these replacement items. They are also useful for the conversion of ordinary recipes into vegan recipes.

Vegan Lifestyle

Some vegans simply do not ingest animal products, whereas others boycott animal products entirely. Many personal products contain lanolin or beeswax. Belts, shoes, handbags and jackets are commonly made of animal hide. There are stores that carry vegan shoes and other vegan products made with leather alternatives.

Strict veganism can be quite challenging. Many countries do not mandate full disclosure on product labels and even those that do often leave gaps; "natural flavors" is a legal expression and can mean just about anything, so a strict vegan has to boycott any products in question. Most restaurants do not post all ingredients in their menu, which again puts the burden on the vegan. Stricter menu disclosure legislation is cropping up due to an increase in obesity and those suffering from allergies; such legislation will greatly benefit vegans, too.

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