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Mobility Scooters

Regain your mobility with a medical scooter

A number of health issues can reduce mobility – for example, the creaks and pains of old age can sometimes snowball into a debilitating condition. Injury, disease, birth defects and other conditions can also make walking more than a few steps almost impossible. Mobility scooters are a relatively recent advance in helping the disabled move again. While wheelchairs require a strong upper body and stamina for long distances, mobility scooters can be used with just a push of a button and some steering for as long as the battery lasts.

Benefits of Medical Scooters

If you are a good candidate for a medical scooter, you will find that they offer a number of possible improvements for your life over a wheelchair. With wheelchairs, turning around to face a different direction requires a bit of effort. Scooters have swivel seats and can rotate much more easily. They are less exhausting to operate as well, which is beneficial for anyone, but especially the elderly. In general, if you haven't been moving about and or aren't able to get from place to place, getting a scooter will bring much of the world back into your life.

Of course, there are some people for whom disability scooters aren't the right choice. Getting onto and off of such a device requires at least some ability to walk, which many disabled people may not possess. Navigating tight spaces such as hospitals or some nursing homes can be at times very difficult. As for outdoor use, some models are better than others. Shopping around can help you find the right model for you from all the handicapped scooters now available.

Disability Scooter Options

There are two different kinds of disability scooters, each suited to a different purpose. Front wheel drive scooters aren't very good at taking on the obstacles of the outside world, but with their compact designs they may be better for getting around your home. Rear wheel drive scooters pack a little more horsepower, so they are preferred for outdoor mobility. The scooters you may have used in the past at public events or seen in stores were likely rear wheel drive. Whichever you choose, there are a number of manufacturers that make a machine to fit your needs.

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