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Stair Lift

Choosing a Stair Lift for your home or business

Being bound to a wheelchair or suffering mobility problems can significantly reduce where a person can go, even in his or her own home. Installing a wheelchair lift can help people in wheelchairs or those who use walking canes or medical walkers access other areas of their homes.

Handicap stair lifts can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • They reduce the risk of trips, slips and falls.
  • They help alleviate ankle stress, leg pain and exhaustion from walking up and down stairs.
  • They allow for more freedom in the home.

Stair lifts can be adapted to fit your home. Stair chair lifts can take you up the stairs and around the bend to the very top of a curved staircase. And straight stair lifts will do the trick on straight stairs, no matter how long or how steep.

Stair chair lifts are permanent installations, unlike portable lift chairs, so they are more cumbersome and must be installed by a professional. These people are trained to install stair lifts and can adjust the height and angles according to your specifications.

Many wheelchair showrooms have stair lifts available for your perusal. It may also be helpful to consult the company who manufactured your wheelchair to start with. That company might also make lifts or can direct you to someone else who does. Their recommendation should be a key starting point. It is also wise to consult your hospital or doctor's office, as they might have information or suggestions as well that can help you find a stair chair lift.

When shopping for handicap stair lifts, ask the following questions:

  • What is the warranty on the lift?
  • Is installation included in the price?
  • Will I need help to get on and off the lift?
  • How wide is the lift? (If it is almost as wide as your staircase, other family members may not be able to use the stairs as easily anymore.)
  • Is there a trial period, or can I try different lifts in-store to see how they feel?

A stair lift is a significant investment, so if you're on a budget, used stair lifts might be an option for you. Stair lifts are extremely durable and sometimes don't get used very often. Go online or ask your doctor if they know of anyone trying to sell a used stair lift. The devices can often be adapted and reinstalled in a new home at a fraction of the cost.

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