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What is Naproxen?

Naproxen, also known as naproxen sodium and sold under the brand names Aleve, Anaprox, Naprosyn, Midol Extended Relief and more, falls into a group of medications known as NSAIDs, or nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs.

Naproxen, like many other pain relievers, works by blocking the action of hormones that cause pain and inflammation. It is available over the counter and by prescription, in caplet, tablet or liquid form.

Uses for Naproxen

Naproxen is used to treat a number of conditions that cause pain, inflammation and stiffness. These conditions include arthritis, gout, menstrual cramps, tendinitis, bursitis, lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain and more.

Naproxen is also used to treat pain caused by injury, as well as pain following surgeries and medical procedures, and is used in combination with other medications to treat allergies, flu, fever aches and pains, cold symptoms and more.

Possible Side Effects of Naproxen

Side effects of naproxen include an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, which may present symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, slurred speech and weakness on one side of the body.

Other serious side effects allergic reaction (swelling, blisters, skin rash, difficulty breathing and wheezing), liver damage (nausea, fatigue, excessive tiredness and jaundice), stomach and intestine problems (ulcers, perforations or bleeding), kidney problems, bloody nose, vomiting blood, spots on the skin and more.

Seek emergency help or contact a doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms, as many of them can be life threatening.

Warnings About Naproxen

The information listed here regarding naproxen is for reference purposes only, and should not be used in place of medical advice. Always consult a doctor before introducing a new medication into your health regimen for correct dosage and treatment information, proper monitoring and further side effects or possible interactions with other medications.

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