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Nicotine Gum

What is nicotine gum?

Nicotine gum is a chewing gum designed to deliver nicotine into the body as it is absorbed into the blood stream through the tissues of the mouth. It is often available in different flavors and looks like any ordinary gum, with small rectangular pieces that you pop out individually packaged in foil. You'll find expensive and cheap nicotine gum on the market, as it's sold under a variety of brand names, including Nicorette, Nicoderm, Nicogum and Nicotinell.

Uses for Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum is used as an NRT (nicotine replacement therapy), to help people quit smoking or other methods of consuming nicotine (such as tobacco). It is available over the counter, but there are a few nicotine gum facts you should know before you start using it.

You should always read package directions carefully, as nicotine gum is meant to be taken in increasingly low doses to help you wean off. You should also never use nicotine gum while pregnant, as the nicotine can cause harm to the baby.

Nicotine gum may also interact with other medications, so be sure to talk to your doctor before you start using nicotine gum.

Also be advised that long term nicotine gum use is not advised. 12 weeks is the general guideline for using the gum, unless advised otherwise by package instructions or by a doctor.

Possible Side Effects of Nicotine Gum

Side effects of nicotine gum include hiccups, vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision, lightheadedness, mouth sores, headaches, sore jaw muscles and increased saliva production. Serious side effects include rapid heartbeat, cold sweats, diarrhea, passing out, hearing problems, confusing, difficulty breathing and more. Be sure to talk to your doctor about any side effects that occur.

Warnings About Nicotine Gum

The information listed here regarding nicotine gum is for reference purposes only, and should not be used in place of medical advice. Always consult a doctor before introducing a new medication into your health regimen for correct dosage and treatment information, proper monitoring and further side effects or possible interactions with other medications.

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