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Drug Treatment Center

How to choose a drug addiction treatment center

In order to find information on a drug abuse treatment center, talk to your healthcare provider or call the center directly. They can answer questions related to the kinds of addictions they treat and the different treatment options available. Be sure to find out:

  • Specializations. A drug and alcohol treatment center may have the facilities and staff to treat any addiction, but may specialize in treating alcohol rehabilitation patients or narcotics rehab patients. Try to choose a treatment center that has expertise in the type of addiction rehab you need.
  • Treatment options. When you call, ask what options are available. A drug addiction treatment center may offer hospital-quality care (for patients with a serious addiction), residential or inpatient care (to provide detoxification and 24-hour supervision services) or outpatient care (including counseling and therapy). Many centers offer a combination of these options. Also find out if the facility is abstinence-based (with a zero-tolerance policy where patients are discharged if they use any alcohol or drugs while at the center) or focused on harm reduction (with some room for bending the rules). Finally, make sure that the clinic offers a post-treatment plan to help its clients stay sober.
  • Amenities. Ensure that the drug treatment center you choose has the amenities and facilities you or the patient needs to feel safe and happy. A trustworthy and reputable treatment center will allow you to see the facilities either through a tour or in photographs. They will also be upfront about the cost of various services. Find out if the patient will have a private room or exercise facilities.
  • Resources and licensing. Find out about the treatment center's staff, expertise and certifications. You want to choose a drug and alcohol treatment center that is going to provide the greatest chance of overcoming the addiction. The facility should be accredited or licensed through a state or national agency and should have certified staff treating its patients. The staff-to-client ratio should be 1-to-8 or less to allow lots of flexibility to meet each patient's needs.
  • Attitude. The best treatment centers will demonstrate that they are genuinely interested in the patient's drug rehab success, rather than just the payment. These centers may go out of their way to help with travel arrangements and provide support over the phone. They should ask detailed questions about the addiction and about the patient's physical and psychological health and whether there are legal issues involved in treatment.

For someone with an addiction, the decision to go into rehab may be a fleeting one, so it's important to get them into a center to receive help as soon as possible. Despite the limited time frame, be sure to consider all of the above components when trying to find the best drug and alcohol treatment center for an individual.

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