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Everything you need to succeed with yoga

Yoga, as it is known to most people in the West, is derived from Hindu practices designed to allow individuals to broaden their spiritual side and gain a greater understanding of the nature of their existence. The yoga trend gaining popularity in the United States and Canada typically involves specific movements, poses, breathing strategies and meditation. The Westernized versions of yoga have really taken off, with yoga videos, yoga mats and yoga clothing being sold in many stores.

Many yoga practitioners promote yoga as a physical fitness program that stimulates the use of many muscles in the body. As a result, it provides fitness that is very low-impact. The inclusion of breathing strategies and meditation makes yoga a very relaxing activity, suitable for people of almost any age and ability. The equipment and facilities needed for yoga are quite basic, and as a result classes can be held at a number of locations including fitness and dance studios, churches, private homes and community centers.

Learning Yoga

It is possible to practice yoga on your own using a video or instruction book, though many people enjoy the company of other yoga students and the presence of a yoga teacher who can correct poses and technique. Yoga teacher training involves several days of full-time training or part-time training spread out over a number of weeks. Yoga teachers have a comprehensive understanding of yoga from various perspectives – physical, mental and health – and are well equipped to teach their students. For yoga videos, check your local bookstore. Otherwise, choose the in-class route and begin talking to friends and community centers.

Yoga Equipment

When you have found a suitable yoga class offered in your area, get started with yoga mat and yoga clothing. The mat is the most important piece of equipment for yoga, because it provides the grip and cushion needed to hold the various yoga poses. Yoga apparel is a growing trend, and while not a necessary part of practicing the discipline, many pieces are now designed to minimize restriction while in yoga poses and can be quite useful. Some yoga activities are beginning to involve additional yoga accessories including physio balls, support wedges, towels, cushions and yoga rugs. Find out if the yoga class you are taking recommends that you have these or other accessories.

Yoga is a fun, challenging and rewarding way to incorporate exercise into your life. It is also a great stress management technique that can promote relaxation in your day-to-day activities. Get started today!

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