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How to prevent and get rid of cellulite

Women and men around the world fight against the look of loose, bumpy skin caused by cellulite, most often found on the hips, thighs and bottom. However, there are many different types of cellulite treatment - you don't have to live with it!

If you're looking for a cellulite cure, you should take the time to consider all your skin care options. Depending on the amount of effort and money you're willing to put out, you can choose between cellulite lotion, cellulite cream and cellulite removal in the pursuit of cellulite reduction.

At-Home Remedies

If you're looking for a quick – but not quite permanent – solution to cellulite, you can find a number of different anti cellulite creams and lotions on the market. These creams usually work by hydrating and smoothing skin. The lotion, in combination with the act of massaging it into your skin, helps stimulate blood flow, which plumps up the skin and takes away the look of lumps and bumps.

Many herbal ingredients are helpful in the fight against cellulite. Seaweed and aloe vera are particularly successful in smoothing out the skin's appearance.

Cellulite Removal

A more permanent solution for cellulite reduction is medical treatment. There are several non-surgical options available that can be administered at a spa by an aesthetician or in your doctor's office.

Most medical treatments for cellulite work with extensive massage, which encourages blood flow and reduces the appearance of fat and saggy skin. In general they are fairly simple and non-invasive procedures, unlike surgical remedies such as liposuction.

You might also consider lymphatic draining in combination with massage treatments in order to extend the length of time between treatments. Lymphatic drainage helps increase circulation and enhances treatment of bodily waste, which keeps fat deposits from accumulating in problem areas.

Continual Cellulite Treatment

Like all skin care products, in order to get the most out of your cellulite treatments, you need to maintain your regime. Make the application of cellulite lotion or cellulite cream part of your daily routine. Once started, medical treatments should be administered monthly. The benefit of these anti-cellulite treatments will be even more prevalent if you regularly maintain your skin and keep the blood flowing.

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