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Pain Relief

Easy home remedies

Living with pain is never easy. Whether you're suffering from a short term injury or are experiencing chronic or long term pain, you know that everything you do is affected.

You have lots of pain relief options, but for most, natural home remedies are the easiest way to go. You will of course want to work with a medical doctor when you're first learning how to treat your condition. But you can avoid the hassle of going to the doctor time and again by relieving your pain on your own.

The first step to pain relief is identifying the source. Sometimes pain is easily identified as a result of a personal injury. However, there are times when pain is simply a symptom of another problem that needs to be treated. Arthritis and joint pain are the most common pain ailments and can be treated at home.

Arthritis Pain Relief

Rather than popping pills when your arthritis flairs up, you may prefer to try a natural arthritis treatment. You can use chiropractic or massage therapy to release the endorphins needed to reduce pain. The massaging action will also increase blood flow and relax your muscles which will lessen arthritis pain. Heat treatments work well, especially when combined with massage.

You can also use mental health techniques to reduce the impact of arthritis pain. With meditation and gentle stretching you can limber up and take your mind away from the experience of pain.

Finally, taking a vitamin high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids can reduce inflammation and help you control your pain.

Joint Pain Relief

Joint pain may be caused by arthritis, infection or injury. It may also be a symptom of illness or disease, so you should check with your doctor if you experience it for an extended time.

Once you know the cause of your joint pain, it's easier to find a method of relief. One of the most common solutions for joint pain relief is gentle exercise, such as martial arts training or yoga. Find an exercise that encourages gentle stretching and focuses on toning your muscles. Avoid anything that is too high impact, such as running. Swimming is also a good way to work out joint pain.

If exercise doesn't work or you're in too much pain to start an exercise program, you can use anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the strain. You may also look for multivitamins rich in ingredients like glucosamine. These also treat inflammation and stimulate the production of the fluid needed to maintain joints.

Back Pain Relief

Back pain is one of the most difficult pains to live with because it affects every facet of your mobility – from standing and walking to lying down to sleep. It's also very common and may be caused by many things including nerve damage, spinal damage or even a herniated disc.

If you suffer from back pain, you can help reduce its effects with natural treatments such as:

  • Acupuncture. Needles inserted in particular areas of the body release natural pain relieving endorphins.
  • Vitamin D. A lack of vitamin D in the body can be the cause of chronic pain.
  • Music. An easy way to encourage relaxation, which loosens muscles and reduces pain.
  • Vitamin B12. A lack of Vitamin B12 in the body can lead to muscle pain, specifically in the lower back area.

Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain can easily extend itself into back pain and headache. Attack neck pain as you would back pain - look to exercise, neck support products, heating pads and vitamins to relieve your ache.

You can change your daily routine to help avoid neck pain and stiffness. Make sure that you don't sit in one position for too long, especially if you're sitting in front of a computer! Make an effort to move and stretch to avoid seizing your spine in an awkward position or weakening the curvature of your neck.

Pain Relief Medication

If exercise or the application of heat doesn't seem to help with pain relief, there are several natural medications you can try. The most important element of these medications is their anti-inflammatory properties:

  • Silica, for collagen and connective tissue.
  • Glucosamine, helps build cartilage.
  • Magnesium, maintains bones and muscles.
  • Vitamin D, encourages growth and development.
  • MSM, a natural anti-inflammatory.

Chronic Pain Relief

Long term pain can completely change your life. It's a much different experience than temporary pain. If you suffer from chronic pain, you need to work treatment into your everyday life. You also need to treat the mental and emotional implications of chronic pain – you will have to live your life differently and there may be things that you can't do anymore.

Surround yourself with support from a medical professional and friends who can help you take your mind off the situation. They can help you find new interests within the limitations of your pain. Experiment with different pain relief medications and practices until you find something that helps lessen the severity of your pain. Don't let chronic pain keep you laid up!

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