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Stop snoring

Snoring, while a common condition, can have serious consequences for both the patient and his or her family. At its most basic, snoring is an irritant: you may keep other people awake, or even wake up yourself, preventing a good night's sleep for anyone within earshot. At its most serious, snoring can be a life threatening sleep disorder. There are many different ways to stop snoring. The one that will work best for you will depend on the causes of your snoring.

Take a quick search online and you can get an idea of how common snoring is. There are hundreds of snoring cures and promises floating around. The best and most reliable snoring remedy is to work with your doctor to determine how best to treat your own condition.

Snoring solution

The easiest snoring solution, and the one most often successful without medical supervision, is simply living a healthy lifestyle. This includes losing weight, quitting smoking and drinking, and exercising. You can also try to maintain a proper side sleeping position. All of these things take the pressure off of your throat muscles when you're sleeping and allow air to flow freely, preventing the snore.

If none of these things help, you should visit your doctor to discuss your condition. There is a variety of medical devices and therapies that can help reduce or stop your snoring. Even more important, you should be persistent in your quest to stop snoring, as chronic snoring can lead to sleep apnea.

Snoring remedy

You may also seek a medical snoring remedy. Your doctor can fit you for a mouthpiece, which can manipulate the position of your jaw as you sleep to prevent obstruction of the airway. Sleep apnea devices that utilize air pressure to reduce air way obstruction may also be used to help reduce snoring. Surgery may also be an option for more severe cases: you can have implants in your palate to harden the tissue; you can have throat surgery to directly tighten the airway tissue; or you can have laser surgery. Your doctor will be able to recommend which options are best for you.

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