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20 Minute Workout

Easy workout routines in no time

As the American lifestyle becomes increasingly busy, we find that we have less and less time to devote to taking care of our bodies. But having a busy schedule doesn't mean that you need to skip on giving yourself a good workout! There are many workout routines that can be performed in under half an hour, so you can easily fit them into your day.

Working Out without Equipment

A 20 minute workout that exercises your heart and muscles can easily be achieved. Many of these exercise routines can be performed without any added equipment, using only your own body weight. They include push-ups, lunges and body weight squats. Pick five of your favorite body-weight exercises and perform each for 4 minutes at a time. When you're done, you'll have completed a full workout circuit in only 20 minutes.

But I'm stuck at the office all day!

For those stuck at a desk for most of the day, use the modified chair push-up and the desk lunge for your exercise. For the chair push-up, move your body in front of your chair, place your hands shoulder-width apart on the seat and gently lower yourself up and down. For lunges, use your desk to aid your balance, then stretch one leg out behind you and dip your hips.

Getting a Complete Workout

If a 20 minute workout is all you can fit into your schedule, keep in mind that you need to participate in both cardio exercise (which strengthens your heart and decreases your risk of a stroke or heart attack) and strength training. Strength training will help boost your metabolism, so you'll actually burn more calories while sitting at your desk or driving on your long commute than you would without the added muscle.

While many 20 minute workouts focus on strength training (as this is easy to do in a small place like an office) you will need to add in aerobic exercise to take care of your heart. Take a walk on your lunch break, park farther away when you go to the store or jog a few laps around your office parking lot. A proper aerobic workout will boost your heart rate for 20 minutes or more and is easily adaptable, so you can do it wherever you are.

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