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Detox Diets

Rid your body of toxins using the detoxification diet

With the advent of more and more preservatives in food, drugs, and other toxins in the air and diet, many people choose to go on a detoxification diet in order to rid themselves of harmful toxins that may be affecting their health and well-being. As well, some people feel that toxins can harm their chances to lose weight, or make them feel tired and run-down, more prone to illness. This is why detox diets are becoming popular in the weight loss world.

Before beginning any diet, you should consult your doctor, however. Detox diets generally are not harmful, but they are short-term diets meant to help you feel better and lose weight quickly. A detoxification diet may be extremely harmful to your body if continued past the amount of time it is meant to be followed in. As well, some people with medical conditions may find that they will experience complications or get worse with a detox diet. Always ask your doctor before starting a diet like this.

How fast detox diets work

There are several detox diet plans endorsed by health professionals and weight loss advocates. Some diet plans simply tell you to eat foods that are natural detoxification agents, like berries, lots of water and some vegetables, and eliminate dairy, grains and meat for the short-term. While this diet is actually beneficial and can help you lose weight, it should not be followed as a long-term solution, as it is not nutritionally sound. There are many free detox diet plans on the Internet that can help you determine the best solution for you.

If you want to lose weight fast, many people choose to detox using a cleanse. A cleanse can be a special drink or pill that you take that will purge your body of toxins by eliminating them through your urine and stool. While a healthy person should see fairly successful effects from a cleanse, there are many doctors who will advise against this sort of detox diet, as it can seriously harm even a healthy person medically without supervision.

Detoxing can make you feel better as well as help you lose weight -- just ensure you are doing it healthily with lots of research involved.

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