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Diabetic Recipes

Dishing up dessert on a diabetes diet

One of the biggest misconceptions about being on a diabetes diet is that you have to pass up desserts for the rest of your life. Not true! Sugar or sweeteners are allowed in your diet, but their portions must be controlled. But if you do choose sugar-free desserts, you usually can eat more of them. Many people are encouraged to go on a diabetic or low-glycemic diet, so finding cookbooks on diabetic recipes is easy.

One thing you always have to keep in mind is how many carbohydrates you consume. It's the carbohydrates that are turned into glucose. Eating slowly will also help your blood sugar levels adjust to your food intake. Also, eat regularly, because skipping a meal can throw your blood sugar way off. Diabetic diet recipes can certainly encourage you to keep eating regularly.

Tasty Substitutions

The secret of a healthy diabetic recipe is substitution. Some people prefer to use artificial sweeteners rather than sugar or honey in their recipes. Others cut out lard or high-calorie shortening and use butter or margarine instead. Use skim milk instead of full-fat milk. You can even freeze some bananas, mash them up and add a little chocolate syrup, and you have ice cream.

Mmm, Cookies

The rise of diabetes worldwide and the advancement of the Internet has made finding diabetic cookie recipes even easier. You can even find such recipes in your local library or bookstore, but you will have a better selection online. One recommended site is a blog called The Diabetic Pastry Chef.

Other places on the Web to find diabetic cake recipes or cookie recipes are from online diabetic support groups and forums. These are free to join and are often moderated to get rid of troublemakers and spammers. Choose an active forum so your questions about diabetic diet desserts will be answered within a reasonable time period.

Other Hints

Taste buds can be trained to prefer healthier desserts over others. It usually takes about two weeks, but it can be longer for some people. At first, eating a healthier dessert like sugar-free gelatin can taste strange. It seems a little weak. But after two weeks, it will have the same intensity of flavor as the desserts you are used to.

Diabetic Diet Chart

As we mentioned earlier, exchanges and substitutions are vital in any diabetes diet. By using a diabetes exchange chart, you can make sure that you always get the proper mix of calories, carbohydrates and other nutrients. Exchange charts are available all over the Internet (some are better than others), so have a look around and you'll find lots of useful information.

In general, here are some tips that can help you work out an effective diabetic diet plan:

  • Never overeat. Instead, try to eat four or five small meals every day.
  • If you need a pick-me-up snack, try a glass of water with a hint of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • For an afternoon snack, try a glass of vegetable juice or all-natural fruit juice.
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