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With an abundance of vitamins on the market, it's difficult to know what to take and what doses are required. The key is an individualized approach that targets exactly what your body needs.

A good first step is to book a physical with your medical doctor. He or she can give you some guidance about what vitamins you could be taking, if you need them. You could also question people who work in nutrition stores. Just be wary of employees who might be more interested in getting you to buy an expensive product than actually helping you find what you need. Some employees, however, are highly trained and are genuinely interested in helping you improve your health. In the end, it comes down to you taking ownership of what you put into your body.

Diet Vitamins

Expert Recommendations

Many experts recommend a daily multivitamin that includes folic acid for women at the first signs of pregnancy or for breastfeeding women. Pregnant women should also check to see that their multivitamin contains iron. People who are 50 or older should take a daily vitamin D supplement, as well as a daily vitamin B12 supplement. Additionally, those who don't eat any animal products might require B12 supplements, or they could eat more foods fortified with vitamin B12.

Vitamins and Diet

Vitamins might be necessary for people who have food allergies or otherwise have a very restricted diet. The same goes for people who have medical conditions like osteoporosis or anemia. It's very important to educate yourself about how vitamins work together. In addition, you should never take vitamins in place of food. A healthy diet is essential to ensure a healthy lifestyle, and many of the vitamins you need can be found in healthy foods. In fact, some people argue that a healthy diet is all you need. But if there are nutritional gaps in your diet, vitamins can help.

The debate about the usefulness of vitamins will continue to be hotly debated. The key is to not get caught up in the hype. Find out if you should be taking any vitamins, and don't let yourself be "bought" by companies who are just interested in making money. But be open to taking advice from medical professionals who can help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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