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Weight Loss Camp

How to get the most out of weight loss camp

Weight loss camps, or "boot camps," can be a great way to change your life and inspire health and confidence. These camps can be a good opportunity to experience extensive personal training and life skills training in areas such as cooking, health and exercise. They can also present a chance to see quick results, however, we all know that quick results do not always equate to lasting results. So how can you maximize the benefits these camps offer and ensure that the gains you make are not lost when you get home?

Changing Your Lifestyle

Probably the best advice is to view the changes not as a quick fix but as a lifestyle change. Make a plan to take what you learn at the camp and think of it as a lifelong health choice, because let's face it – as healthy as you behave while at the camp, if you revert to fast food and lazing on the couch when you get home again your gains will be short-lived. View the camp as a training ground for the skills that you will bring back and apply in your day-to-day life.

Plan it Out

Have an idea beforehand of what you hope to accomplish while at the camp. This will help to arm you with questions for the attending experts, and it will give you some areas to focus on. Are you hoping to learn weight-training techniques or some new and fun cardio routines? Could you use help specifically with incorporating some healthier, tasty foods in your diet? Having realistic goals for what you hope to learn and accomplish will help you focus your attention and ask the right questions.

It Won't Be Easy

Be prepared to work hard. Despite all the fads and quick-fixes offered up out there, the real truth about weight loss is that the harder you work, the more you will see results. Enjoy the way it feels to push your body and take pride in seeing the pounds shed and muscles become more toned. Remember that you are in control of your body and be committed to keeping up the hard work that it takes to keep it healthy, knowing that you will reap results in the way you look and feel.

Keep an open mind. Weight loss camps are designed and run by professionals who know their business and are experienced in helping everyday people reach their health goals. There will be certain exercises you will enjoy more than others, but give everything a try. This way, you can make informed decisions about what to keep in your repertoire and what to discard. Don't go into the experience believing "I can't," but instead go in thinking "I'll try," and then give each task your very best attempt.

Treat the weight loss camp experience as a chance to challenge yourself and learn as much as possible about health while you're there. Stay on the lookout for useful tips and techniques that you can incorporate into your day-to-day life, and don't forget to have fun!

By A. Marie J.

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