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Symptoms and treatment

Candidiasis (or candida) is the overgrowth of yeast in the body. Many Americans suffer from candida but don't know it. Some of the most common symptoms of this disease are: yeast infections, sugar craving, obesity and blood sugar imbalances. The treatment options are simple, yet most people are unwilling to take the steps needed to rid themselves of this overgrowth and allow balance to return to their bodies.

When treating your body for candidiasis you may experience sugar cravings, headaches, lethargy and other symptoms of withdrawal. Candida needs sugar or sugar byproducts to survive and so has accustomed your body to that need. As you take away the sugar, you may experience the same kind of withdrawal symptoms you would if you were giving up caffeine, tobacco or other addictive substances.

Because sugar is needed for candida to thrive, diet plays a major role in supporting this disease. The first step in ridding your body of candida is to cut sugar out of your diet, which includes foods that contain white sugar, brown sugar and corn syrup. Most processed foods contain at least one of these ingredients, so reading labels is essential to your rebalancing success. If sugar is one of the first six ingredients, steer clear from that food. However, if sugar is listed after the first six ingredients, feel free to eat this food – in moderation.

It may be necessary to add supplements your diet to assist in your rebalancing. Incorporating garlic is crucial, as it kills candida. Equally important is the introduction of good bacteria, which help the body's immune system and fight off excess candida. Using probiotics like bifidophilus and acidophilus helps to improve the balance of good bacteria in the colon, which is where candida generally begins to grow and take over.

Just as important is the introduction of lemon water into your diet. Lemon is a great way to balance the body and assist it in killing off the unfriendly yeast overgrowth. It is a refreshing way to flavor your water so that you are more inclined to drink the necessary amount. Remember to increase your water intake on a hot day or when you're exercising.

Although the road may be hard as you strive to rebalance your body, the effort is worth it. So plow through the hard times and take a step to improving your body and your life.

By Cynthia Behunin

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