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Sex After Menopause

Keeping your sex life interesting post menopause

Keeping your sex life healthy after menopause is a matter of staying in good overall health and being willing to make some changes to the way you think about your sex life.

Menopause Diet

Let's face it – you need to feel good to have any interest in sex. Nutritional requirements change as a person ages. Your diet has a direct connection to your overall health and how you feel from day to day. Select foods that are low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. Limit fat intake to less than 30 percent of your overall calories.

Leading up to menopause, a woman needs approximately 1,000 mg of calcium each day. Following menopause, a woman needs a daily intake of 1,500 mg of calcium if they are not using hormone replacement therapy (HRT), according to the National Institutes of Health. Don't neglect your intake of vitamin D, as it is important for calcium absorption and bone formation.

Exercising During Menopause

Exercise becomes particularly important as a woman ages. Due to reduction of estrogen levels, many menopausal women experience weight gain. Increasing your daily movement and exercise can help with this weight gain by improving heart health and bone strength. Research has shown that exercise can elevate mood and your sense of well-being. There are several different kinds of exercises that can help. Walking, swimming, cycling, skating and dancing are examples of rhythmic aerobic activities. Weight-bearing exercises help maintain bone mass and prevent fractures. The key is to do something you enjoy.

Check with your physician before beginning an exercise program, especially if you have not been active for a while. Your present physical status will be a major factor in determining which exercise program is best for you.

Menopause and Sex

Improved diet and regular exercise contributes to healthy sex after menopause, though they may not be the only answer for your enjoyment of healthy sex. This is also a time in a woman's life where she may experience vaginal dryness due to lower estrogen levels. This discomfort can reduce your enthusiasm and comfort during lovemaking. Fortunately, estrogen creams and soluble lubricants can help make you feel comfortable and interested again.

Many women consider hormone replacement therapy, but this should be done only after you and your physician have evaluated the risks versus the benefits in combination with your individual needs and medical background.

Manage Stress

Make it a priority to keep stress levels under control by having a positive perspective on any issues that may arise. Identify which factors are in your control, and take steps to manage them so that you don't find yourself too exhausted to enjoy a healthy sex life.

Feel Good About Yourself

Treat yourself to things that help you feel feminine and receptive to intimacy. Make fitness a priority and pamper yourself with a relaxing bath or shower, pretty clothes and nightwear. Leave your worries at the door of your bedroom and keep your bedroom a haven of comfort and relaxation. Arrange your home environment to create a setting that makes you feel alive and interested in all the pleasures of living.

By E.M. Robinson

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