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Baby Adoption

Grow your family through an adoption agency

People choose to adopt a baby for many different reasons: some have had difficulty becoming pregnant and realize that adoption is an excellent alternative to natural conception, while others simply wish to provide a good home to an infant in need of one.

Before you embark on what can sometimes be a very lengthy and challenging process, you need to know that you and your desire to become a parent are in good hands, and that means finding an adoption agency you can trust to do its best to help you realize that desire.

Choosing an Adoption Service

It can be difficult not to treat the adoption process as an emotional experience, but if you are going to be savvy about finding the right service, you must recognize that the relationship between parent-hopefuls and an adoption agency is a business partnership -- you pay for the services they provide. That means you have a right and a responsibility to know exactly what you can expect from your investment.

The adoption agency will perform a thorough background check and investigation of you (if they don't, or if they promise you a baby before doing an investigation, that is a clear sign that you should go elsewhere), and you should perform one of them in return. How long has the agency been helping to arrange adoptions? What kinds of credentials do the staff have? What do past clients -- if possible, find them yourself through word-of-mouth rather than as referrals from the business -- have to say about the agency? If the service is successful in facilitating your adoption of a baby, what kinds of post-adoption support services do they provide?

Baby Adoption vs. Child Adoption

Infant adoption is by far the most popular and sought-after type of adoption, but that also means it is the most, for lack of a better word, competitive. While you may not be able to let go of that vision of holding your new baby in your arms, during your adoption journey, consider the possibility of adopting a toddler or school-aged child -- there are many children in need of a loving home as well.

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