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Having Twins

Know your chances of having twins

While some people insist that things like eating a lot of dairy will help increase your chances of having twins, you can better predict your odds by looking at scientifically supported predictors. Is there a history of fraternal twins in the mother's family? Has the expectant mother had previous pregnancies? Is the mother of African American descent or is she over 30? Is the attempt to conceive being aided by fertility drugs? Any of these factors can make the occurrence of fraternal twins (two fertilized eggs) more likely -- there is no way to predict an occurrence of identical twins (a single fertilized egg that splits).

But once you're pregnant, are there any physical symptoms of having twins? Some mothers report what felt like double the morning sickness or feeling an especially high amount of fetal movement as signs of having twins, but if you want to know for sure, you will just have to wait for your two bundles of joy to show up on an ultrasound!

Preparing Your Life for Having Twins

Of course, it is vital for a woman who finds out she is going to be giving birth to twins to prepare her mind, body and birthing plan for the experience, especially if she is planning on vaginal delivery, but it is also important for the entire household to prepare for the significant changes that the addition of two babies at the same time will bring.

For one very important thing, your baby-related financial obligations have suddenly doubled, a realization that can leave some expectant parents reeling. Shopping online and at yard sales for gently used big items like strollers, cribs and high chairs can yield significant savings, as can buying diapers and other non-perishables in bulk.

If you already have other young children, they will need help to adjust to what this news means, too. They may feel anxious about the fact that they are going to have to share your time, love and attention with two new babies now instead of just one, so it's a good idea to spend time with them and repeatedly reassure them that you will always continue to do so.

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