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Maternity Clothing

How to find discount maternity clothing

During pregnancy, your body is almost constantly changing, so maternity clothes in various sizes are a necessity. While many maternity pants, skirts, and tops stretch to fit your ever-expanding belly, odds are you're going to need a bigger size (in terms of belly, anyway) every month or so.

With such a short lifespan, and with all of the other expenses that accompany pregnancy, finding cheap maternity clothing is a priority for many women. While you can always wait for sales or check out the discount rack at your local maternity clothing store, there are plenty of other options for finding stylish, comfortable, quality, and affordable maternity clothes.

Best Places to Find Discount Maternity Clothing

One of the best places to find cheap maternity clothing is online. Several traditional clothing sites offer maternity sections, and there are myriad sites dedicated solely to maternity clothing ranging from formal wear and bathing suits to business casual maternity wear to everyday maternity clothes like jeans and t-shirts to maternity underwear and nursing bras. There are even sites that specialize in petite maternity wear or plus size maternity clothing for those women with special sizing needs.

If you're buying online, be sure to factor in shipping costs. Often, you can save money by choosing regular package delivery or longer timelines (rather than overnight, for example), as well as by ordering several items at once. Always check the return policy, too, to ensure you're covered in case something doesn't fit.

Another, often-overlooked source of discount maternity clothing is secondhand and consignment stores, auction sites like eBay, and clothing exchanges among friends, family, and colleagues.

Maternity clothes are not used for very long, and while some women may hang on to them in preparation for another child, many are more than willing to part with their maternity wardrobe, especially if it means recouping not just space but also money. This provides the perfect opportunity for new moms-to-be to pick up good condition maternity clothes at discount prices.

When buying or selling maternity clothes, ensure they are in good condition and freshly cleaned. Keep in mind that you probably won't get the newest maternity fashions. However, you will get high-quality clothes at good prices, and many items, such as jeans and basic tops, can be dressed up with cheaper, easier to find (and easier to fit) accessories to create stylish looks.

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