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Nursing Bras

How to find the best nursing bra for you

Breastfeeding is a great way to provide your baby with antibodies and nutrients designed specifically for his or her needs while also enjoying a unique bonding experience. Whether you breastfeed for a week, a month, or a year (or more!), a nursing bra is going to be an essential part of your wardrobe during this time.

Nursing bras provide breastfeeding women with quick, easy access to their breasts while maintaining modesty during feedings. There are many different styles of nursing bra -- from lacy, sexy nursing bras to comfortable everyday nursing bras to nursing sports bras -- but almost all are distinguished from regular bras by separate flaps over each breast, which can easily be let down to provide access to the nipple for breastfeeding.

Large or Plus Size Nursing Bras

As with regular bras, it is important that nursing bras fit properly to support the breasts but still be comfortable to wear. Bras with underwire that poke, cups that squeeze, or shoulders or bands that pinch or dig in are not only uncomfortable but also fail to support the breast well, potentially leading to back and shoulder problems. Too-small nursing bras can also irritate already sore nipples, which are a common side effect of breastfeeding.

Large-breasted women may need to take special care in selecting nursing bras because they are at greater risk of back and shoulder problems as a result of inadequate breast support. Large size nursing bras are now available in a wide variety of styles and colors, allowing large-breasted and plus-sized women to find comfortable, supportive, easy-to-use nursing bras without sacrificing style.

Discount Nursing Bras

Most women breastfeed for months, and some for a year or more, so it's important that their nursing bras are high quality and will last. That being said, there's no reason to spend a bundle. Many discount and clearance stores offer nursing bras and other maternity clothes, and online retailers are always a good option for discount prices.

If you're willing to settle for odd, less popular colors and styles, you can almost always find nursing bras that have been deeply discounted in order to sell and make way for the new, more popular styles and colors. Of course, you may have to search to find such cheap nursing bras in your size.

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