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Ovulation Signs

Know the best signs of ovulation

If you pay close attention to your body, it will likely give you some readable signs of ovulation each month.

One of the most common signs of ovulation that women notice is a change in their cervical mucus. Just before ovulation, the amount of cervical mucus increases, and it takes on a gummy, stretchy consistency often described as that of egg white.

Another symptom of ovulation often reported is an increase in sexual desire, which is interpreted as the body's way of telling a woman that she is at an ideal place in her cycle if she wishes to conceive.

Less pleasant signs of ovulation that some women experience include breast tenderness or a lower abdominal pain on one side.

If you are trying to get pregnant, you should not rely on tracking an increase in your basal body temperature, as this is a sign that ovulation has passed, not that it is approaching.

Using an Ovulation Calendar

In addition to paying attention to your body for physical signs and symptoms, you can also follow an ovulation calendar in print or online to help you track your most fertile days. This calendar can be an excellent ovulation predictor and complement your other efforts because it reminds you of when you should be expecting to experience physical ovulation signs each month. You can then use an ovulation test to confirm when your best days to conceive will be.

How an Ovulation Test Works

Several companies that make home pregnancy tests now offer ovulation tests as well. Like a home pregnancy test, a home ovulation test is up to 99 percent accurate in identifying the presence of a hormone in the urine -- but instead of the pregnancy hormone HCG, it tests for the luteinizing hormone, or LH, whose level in a woman's body increases one to two days before she ovulates and can therefore provide adequate forewarning of ovulation. Some tests merely confirm whether or not LH is present, while others try to apply that information to help predict which days in her cycle a woman will be most fertile.

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