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Breast Reduction Surgery

What you need to know about breast reduction surgery

Often when women have very large breasts, they experience back and neck pain. They may also experience breathing problems, and have trouble with their posture. Some women become very self-conscious of the way they look as well. These problems can be alleviated by breast reduction surgery.

Risks Involved in Breast Reduction

Like any surgery, there are risks involved with breast reduction. Breast reduction risks are higher if you have poor circulation, diabetes, or other diseases that can compromise your immune system during surgery. There is a very small risk (about 2%) of infection during surgery. There is also the possibility of excess blood loss, bruising and scarring. Some patients have allergic reactions to the products used during the surgery, and some have problems with the anesthesia. There will be pain, which will be the worst during the first 48 hours, but the surgeon will give you medication to help deal with this. You may find that you have a reduction in nipple and skin sensation, and your breasts may appear asymmetrical after the surgery.

Breast Reduction Costs

The cost of breast reduction is based on three fees: the surgeon's fee, the facility fee, and the anesthesia fee. The fee for the surgeon is the most variable, because it is based on experience and on the specifics of the individual surgery. Famous cosmetic surgeons can get a lot more for their services. The average cost for breast reduction is $5000 - $7000. It can differ in various parts of the country as well. If you get a quote that seems low, you should question why it is so low. For instance, does it include follow-up visits; does it include necessary medications and surgical garments?

Due to the cost of surgery, many women try natural breast reduction methods. Some find that these work very well, while others have had less success and end up having the surgery. It is possible to lose breast tissue through weight loss as well as through breast feeding and other physical changes. There are also herbal remedies (pills and creams) that claim to reduce the size of breasts. The best thing to do is to talk to a doctor about the various options, as well as talking to people who have used the products. If they found success with the products, you might want to try them.

Male Breast Reduction

Sometimes males develop breasts. This condition is known as 'gynecomastia'. It is a fairly common problem, and can be caused by medications, diet, and aging. It may also be hereditary. Male breast reduction can be done by cosmetic surgery. There are two methods of doing this. Liposuction is used to suck out the breast until it is flat. The other option is to make an incision and remove the breast tissue and excess skin. Both surgeries require a compression garment be worn, and because of the swelling, the final result won't be seen for a few weeks. Strenuous activity will have to be avoided for one to four weeks.

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