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Ear Surgery

All about ear surgery

The ears are such important parts of our everyday lives that we sometimes take them for granted. For some people, however, every time they look in the mirror they wish they could get ear surgery to improve their looks.

Ear Plastic Surgery

Many adults and children are unhappy with the look of their ears. They may look uneven, or droopy, or seem too big for the rest of the face. Ear plastic surgery, also known as otoplasty, is any operation that changes the physical features of the ears. Ear plastic surgery can be performed on men, women, and children over the age of four. It may sound unusual for such a young child to have plastic surgery, but they may have some sort of ear deformity that is causing them to be teased, and that they would have to get fixed later in life anyway.

In most cases, cosmetic ear surgery procedures take about two hours. They are usually done using a general anesthetic. An incision is made in the back of the ear, closest to the head, so that no scar will be visible. The surgeon will then remove any excess cartilage and skin and shape the ear into the desired result. Once the incision is closed, the ears may be sutured into place while they heal. Bandages must be worn over the ears for a few days, but the patient can return to school or work after about a week. The ears will be completely healed within six weeks.

Many people are genetically predisposed to protruding ears. This can be the result of too much ear cartilage pushing the ear away from the head or not enough ear cartilage folds to hold the ear close to the head. Ear surgery is frequently done to correct this problem. This is known as ear pinning surgery. It can be done on children and adults. This procedure can be done on an outpatient basis. The ears must remain bandaged for a few days and it is important that they not be pulled in any way that might undo the surgery. Stitches can be removed in about a week. There will be some pain over this time, but it can be handled with medication.

Surgery for the Ear Drum

Tympanoplasty is the technical name for ear drum surgery. This type of surgery is most commonly done to repair the eardrum or middle ear bones. It is usually necessitated by some sort of trauma or injury to the ear. A hole in the ear drum is repaired by placing a small piece of fat in the hole. It is a fairly simple procedure and can be done in the surgeon's office, using a local anesthetic. If there is a larger problem with the ear drum, a piece of muscle tendon or fascia (connective tissue) is used to plug the hole. This is a more complicated process, and needs to be done in an operating room.

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