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Laparoscopic Surgery

All about laparoscopic surgery

Many surgeries are being done these days without having to use the traditional large incision that leaves large scars and takes a long time to recover. Laparoscopic surgery is the umbrella term that is used for this time of surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is also known as minimally invasive surgery, because the surgeon is able to use an instrument called a laparoscope to go directly where the surgery is needed. This laparoscope has a small camera on it. It allows the surgeon to find out where or even if a larger incision is needed to perform an operation.

Laparoscopic surgery involves several small incisions, which is why it is sometimes called keyhole surgery. The Laparoscope goes into one small incision and special surgical instruments go into the others. The scope is attached to a video monitor, so the surgeon can see what is going on inside the body part that is being examined. This type of surgery was originally used for gall bladder and gynecological surgery. Its use has since been expanded to intestinal surgeries.

Recovery From Laparoscopic Surgery

Because of the less invasive nature of the surgery, laparoscopic surgery recovery time is shorter than that of traditional surgery. The procedure itself, however, takes longer to perform. Most laparoscopic surgery can be done on an outpatient basis, although an occasional overnight stay is necessary, depending on the specific surgery. Recovery from laparoscopic surgery involves some pain and gas from the air that the surgeon has to insert to be able to see the internal organs. Due to the small incisions, however, healing time is shorter.

As with any surgery, it is normal to feel tired for a few weeks after a procedure. Your specific recovery time will depend on your physical condition when you went in for the surgery. In some cases, a surgeon will give an estimate of time to be off work, or to be resting, but these are just estimates and experience will vary according to the individual. Most people feel better within three to four days after laparoscopic abdominal surgery, although they may need a week or so of rest. The estimated time for return to work after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery is about ten days.

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